Peña Seattle de Sanfermines, Club Taurino de Seattle, one of 16 foreign Peñas in Pamplona, was founded during the summer of ’72 to help promote the Fiesta de San Fermín and the Feria del Toro, the festival of the bull, from the world famous spectacle of the encierro, the “running of the bulls”, to the Procession of San Fermín, Pamplona’s patron saint, and the corrida de toros, the bullfights that take place each afternoon during fiesta in the Plaza de Toros de Pamplona, the second largest bullring in Spain.

Encierro SF13

Join Peña Seattle and dance with the giants and big heads as they parade through the streets of Pamplona's old quarter from early morning to late evening.  

Relish the taste of some of Navarra’s finest cuisine at one of it’s premier restaurants or pintxos bars.  Enjoy the traditional song and dance that flows late into the night in a celebration of life and family that will carry you though the year.

Running of the bulls on Calle Estafeta, Pamplona
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